China General Plastics Corporation (CGPC)

China General Plastics Corporation (CGPC) was established in 1964. Total capital exceeded 4.2 billion NT Dollars. CGPC is one of USI group. Its plant is located in Toufen Township, Miaoli county, Taiwan. The General Managing departments in USI headquarter address at Ji-Hu Road, Nei-Hu District, Taipei, Taiwan.

CGPC, which is one of the three largest PVC resin manufacturers in Taiwan, takes an important position in the world in terms of vinyl film production capabilities.

To fully integrate from raw material to vinyl film production, their manufacturing, services and sales cover the whole spectrum of vinyl product tree, from the first level, i.e. PVC resin, to the second level, i.e. vinyl films and leather, and the third level, i.e. consumer products.


Datasheet of CGPC - PVC Resin H58

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