Hangzhou Keli Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech & national key enterprise specializing in research & development and production of the chlorinated polymers products and related products. It is the leading key producer for chlorinated polyethylene worldwide.

The main products are rubber type of chlorinated polyethylene (CM), resin type of chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), Acrylonitrile-Chlorinated Polyethylene-Styrene terpolymer (ACS resin), special synthetic rubber compounds, different rubber additives, etc. Its annual production capacity is 100,000 mts for chlorinated polymers, 3,000 mts for ACS, 12,000 mts for rubber compounds and 10,000 mts for different rubber additives.

We are glad to introduce "CPE" which is becoming increasingly popular among all PVC pipes, profiles and cable manufactureres. We have been selling this product for more than 6 months now with increasing success with every customer.

CPE is a chemical which increases the 'rubber' like properties in your product which in turn leads to many advantages.

Advantages noted in the end product

  • Reduces compounding cost by Approx Rs 2-4 per kg
  • Increases the impact strength of the product
  • Reduces cracking/breakage in the end product
  • Increases shine and finish in end product
  • Load variation problem is resolved to a big extent


In a batch of 25 kgs PVC, we can add additional 4-5 kgs of Calcium Carbonate with only 500gms of CPE and remaining compounding formula can continue the same.

During processing, the weight of this product is added with the end product.


Datshseet of CPE 135A

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