LG Chem (PVC,PE)

LG Chem is a major global supplier of quality petrochemicals ranging from basic distillates to specialty polymers. Their extensive experience and advanced technology are enabling consistently break new grounds in the industry with highperformance products.

Their mergers with LG Daesan Petrochemicals in 2006 and LG Petrochemical in 2007 have given them a vertically integrated production system that continues to enhance the synergy of our operations. At the sametime, their recently expanded ABS plant in China has solidified their position as the global ABS industry leader, while new styrene-butadiene latex (SBL) plant there is now playing a key role in expanding the weighting of specialty product grades in their portfolio.

Today, we continue to systematically lay the foundation for future growth. At home, they are focussed towards steady expansion in the capacity of Daesan naphtha cracking center. In China, LG Chem is growing their PVC business as they enter the specialty polymers business. In the longer term, their increasing vertical integration will enhance the revenue base as they focus on upgrading and streamlining the business operations and selectively developing innovative new products that will improve their bottom line.


Datasheet of LG PVC Resin, Korea - LS100

Datasheet of LG PVC Resin, Korea - LS100E

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