Thai Plastic and Chemicals Public Company Limited

With over 40 years experience in the PVC industry, the TPC is a leading producer of PVC resin in the region. Their research and product development expertise and cutting edge technology has always been consistent in the quality of PVC resins that meet the diverse needs of their customers very well in every way from industrial production of PVC, household appliances, car accessories and medical devices. Another important factor in driving the success of the TPC is a customer relationship management and excellence in customer service. The TPC also provides important environmental, social and business operations as well.

The polymer has a key role in our daily lives more and more. The polymer type "PVC" is a type of polymer used as well, because it has been used widely in the nature of the product, packaging equipment to construction materials. Their features distinguishes it from other types of polymers. It can be used to produce materials that are hard or soft, either transparent or opaque. The fill color of the PVC is accepted and has been steadily improving throughout.

PVC (PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride) material derived from the gas ethylene. The separation of crude oil or natural gas combined with chlorine, which is derived from salt reaction, is a material called VCM (VCM or Vinyl Chloride Monomer) when applied to the VCM Polymerization process and it becomes a plastic powder. This is the purest form of PVC.


Datasheet of THAI Plastics, Thailand - TPC SP660

Datasheet of THAI Plastics, Vietnam - TPC SP660

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